ABC Maxi Round Mono 4 styles
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ABC Maxi is a heavily-engineered yet warm and witty type system of spaghetti movements and angular lines. Its familiar shapes, informed by the long history of the International Style, can be newly exaggerated and emboldened by way of variable font technology. With an underlying skeleton referencing mid-century and post-modern Swiss designs—including Josef Müller-Brockmann’s CWS word mark (1958) and Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Müller Swatch logo (1981)—ABC Maxi’s forms can by altered and animated by the user, stretching from Hairline to Black to everything in-between. While designing the font, we were interested in how subtle manipulations in shape could affect the tone of the overall typeface. To explore this further, we created two stylistic variations for emphasis, rather than a standard Italics. Four subfamilies of the font are therefore available: Round, Round Mono, Sharp, and Sharp Mono.
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Johannes Breyer , Fabian Harb
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