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Conceived by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione specifically for intensive editorial use in newspapers, magazines, and digital media, Abril is a type family of two worlds. Abril Text takes its inspiration from both 19th century slab serifs and Scotch Roman typefaces, rather than the Didone-style lineage used for Abril Display. This heritage makes the text darker and with less contrast than the display, which is exactly what each needs. The letterforms of Abril Text were engineered from scratch to achieve the right colour, texture, and overall width for comfortable, continuous reading in the most challenging environments. This makes it a great type family for newspapers, pocket books, annual reports, and magazines. In terms of space economy, Abril Text competes head to head with such newspaper classics as Utopia and Nimrod, but features a more contemporary look and feel; and improving upon the classics, Abril Text includes a full set of small caps with numbers and punctuation.
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Designers Veronika Burian , José Scaglione
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