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"Academy Sans" has grown from a single family into a family of three widths. The updated design influences the naming and therefor rearranges the hierarchy. The new "Academy Sans" is wider compared to the original "Academy Sans". "Academy Sans Condensed" is equivalent to the original "Academy Sans" in width. The new "Academy Sans" is now a condensed, a normal and an expanded super-family. They share a clean and classic design characterised by the inclined cut on the ascenders and a large x-height. A solid selection of stylistic sets offers variety and customisation in different directions within the same font. The various widths enable the family to cover a wide spectre of use and fulfil any layout, from text in small size in a narrow columns, to big voluminous headlines. Each family is 9 weights with accompanying italics, a glyph set of 2474 glyphs, supporting Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. The large span in both, width, weights and alternative glyphs makes the Academy Sans Family the perfect fit for magazine and newspaper publications or as the choice for a corporate identity. The original Academy Sans was released 2007.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
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