Andulka Serif 8 styles
Storm Type Foundry
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A universal typeface for books, magazines and newspapers must be economizing, quiet, strong in drawing, but original and peaceful at the same time. Type “for all weather” must resist also many difficulties of printing on different surfaces. Therefore, the basic design “Text” is slightly darker and legible from 6 point size even in dimmeness, whereas “Book” reduces the effect of running ink and saves toner cartridge. Andulka also need less space on page than other text typefaces and saves paper too. Medium and Bold designs keep the original grace, changing its weight only in shadows. Italics may remind humanistic inspiration and forcing the horizont of x-height with robust horizontal serifs, whereas Roman lower case maintains the baseline. Typical feature of Andulka is squinted eye in letters “a”, “c”, “f”, “r”, “s”, “k”, and softened diagonals through all characters in family. Diagonals were always disturbing and gripping attention extensively. Serifs are stressed trapezoids reminding small beaks at curved endings, descenders “j” a “y” may evoke tail feathers of a budgerigar. Andulka sings lovely and is everyday quiet companion.
Foundry Storm Type Foundry
Designers František Štorm
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