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As one of the most widely applicable creations from José Scaglione and Veronika Burian, the Aneto and Aneto Text font families are long-awaited editorial polymaths, able to quell the territory of thought and page design with a peaceful force. This memorable serif results in flawless screen rendering, warm print production, and smooth readability. Because of its myriad intended uses, the three pillars of the Aneto family took over three years to complete. Aneto and Aneto text were created to set an entire digital magazine, book, or newspaper. Aneto escorts the reader through the page’s structure of midrange headings, callouts, and subheads. Aneto Text carries the weight of the page, from the thesis of each paragraph to the smallest of captions and honorific colophon.
Foundry TypeTogether
Designers Veronika Burian , José Scaglione
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