Aneto Text 10 styles
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Exquisite page design used to be accomplished with as little as four styles, and, though rare, a single style in expert hands has sufficed. But both Aneto and Aneto Text are decked out with five upright and five italic styles (Regular to Black) for a total of 20. The lower contrast, hardy shapes, and archetypical familiarity of Aneto Text sets a solid foundation for any design. Comparatively, Aneto doesn’t fade away, it makes a sharp statement — an intentional interjection to guide the reader to the next starting point or next important phrase. It accomplishes this by measured shape differences such as the wedged oblique connection on the ‘R’ or internal curve of the lowercase ‘f’. And the italic shapes of both families maintain balance between optical sturdiness and brush calligraphy-inspired serifs.
Foundry TypeTogether
Designers Veronika Burian , José Scaglione
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