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Roberto Godofredo Arlt (1900-1942), noted Argentinean writer from early 20th century, had an enormous influence in Hispanic letters, and his oeuvre ranks high among the best novelists, story tellers, and playwrights of all times. The Arlt typeface aims at capturing some of his lyric enthusiasm, throughout an expressive though firm gesture. Both roman and italic styles have capricious, impulsive forms which build a singular, harmonious rhythm in text. They offer a spicy though comfortable immerse reading. Arlt’s vigorous counterforms and whimsical details link to the Baroque and Mannerist typography of 17th and 18th centuries. Arlt text fonts include roman, italic, and smallcaps in four weights, many ligatures, contextual sorts, all kinds of figures, and more. Due to its proportions and expressive atmosphere Arlt is ideal for literary texts, particularly stories related to the underground world. Beware, the use in other contexts can be dangerous!
Foundry PampaType
Designers Alejandro Lo Celso
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