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AwanZaman has a three-phase story, beginning with Dr Mamoun Sakkal’s two Arabic styles and culminating with Juliet Shen’s Latin extension. AwanZaman started as simply Awan, a commission for a modern, clean, monoline typeface for writing headlines and story titles in a forward-thinking Kuwaiti newspaper. Awan was based on the geometric forms of Kufic script, while in phase two, a second typeface (Zaman) was designed to add enough calligraphic Naskh details to make it easy to read in demanding newspaper settings. Together these two phases give the typeface a warm, familiar, and progressive look, as well as an explanatory two-part name — AwanZaman. This seven weight powerhouse makes extensive use of OpenType’s stylistic sets to give progressive options in multilingual editorials and newspapers. Introducing more curved and novel forms in AwanZaman Latin cleverly brings its choppy strokes into greater harmony with the graceful, curved forms of the Arabic.
Foundry TypeTogether
Designers Mamoun Sakkal , Juliet Shen
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