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Axia is a sans serif uni-widths of concise letterforms. The type consists of ten weights from Light to Black, each with Italics and Small Caps. Two display styles, Stencil Light and Stencil Black feature a unique aesthetic. A distinct fragmentation of the letters gives this stencil design its particular character. The type is perfect for captivating big sizes; shapes of abstract floating parts allure the eye and form nicely proportioned type when united. Originally designed for the Rice University School of Architecture in 2011, this contemporary sans found some inspiration in the TwinCities typeface family created by Sibylle Hagmann for the University of Minnesota in 2003. Axia has been orchestrated from scratch, each the roman and italic weights harmonize perfectly in width without a changing line length. Text set in Light or Black results in the same, economical fit. The inner arched strokes off the stem on the lowercase ‘b’ and ‘d’, for example, progressively open the letterforms and express conceptual clarity throughout the system. A feature doing double duty, it contributes to great legibility in heavier weights, and attributes to versatility of individual styles. Axia includes many OpenType features and offers broad language support.
Foundry Kontour
Designers Sibylle Hagmann
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