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Balkan is a bi-script typeface system consisting of Latin and Cyrillic scripts. It is based on the study of a phenomenon known as the Balkan sprachbund, the linguistic features shared between different languages because of their proximity. The typeface system also represents an attempt to identify the features shared by some South Slavic languages: Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Serbian. Historically, there were three scripts in former Yugoslavia: Cyrillic, Latin and Glagolitic, markers of cultural, ethnic, religious and political identities. Cohabitation and the parallel development of these languages resulted in shared features, and today, languages in the Western Balkans are so similar that they can even be thought of as dialects, but may be written in different scripts. The Balkan typeface system is a series of fonts that depoliticises and reconciles them for the sake of education, tolerance and, above all, communication. Balkan transliterates and translates Croatian Latin into Serbian Cyrillic and vice versa, thus the fonts serve as educational software capable of reconciling disparate scripts.
Foundry Typotheque
Designers Nikola Djurek , Marija Juza
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