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Bauziet is a modern Grotesk. You can install this sans-serif family in two ways: Bauziet is available as either 12 traditional font files or as two Variable Fonts. If you prefer static fonts, Bauziet offers six weights, ranging from Thin to Bold. Every weight has a companion italic, too. There is one Variable Font with a width axis for upright text and another for italics. Bauziet’s weight range is important because of the most radical part of the typeface’s design: its large ink traps. The heavier the Bauziet weight, the more noticeable those ink traps become. Bauziet is a great tool for designers to explore. Because of its large ink traps, Bauziet can quickly become an iconic feature within a branding system. You can also use the fonts to set stunning headlines within editorial designs. The typeface is inspired by the graphic design of the industrial and modernist eras. It pairs geometric shapes with dynamic calligraphic curves. No matter which format you install, the Bauziet fonts are equipped with a lot of alternates. These are an interesting detail within the overall typeface design because activating them will apply a more neutral or even more architectural approach to your text. For instance, after activating Stylistic Set 1, the arched terminals on the “f”, “j”, “t”, and “y” will be substituted with flat horizontal strokes. The doty on the “i” and “j” – as well as the punctuation marks – will become square instead of round. And the double-storied “g” will be replaced by a proper Grotesk-style single-storey variant. Other stylistic sets make certain punctuation marks lighter or provide a more futuristic-looking “M”. The fonts are rounded off by powerhouse typographic extras, like ligatures, case-sensitive forms, lining and tabular-figure options, and a set of arrows.
Foundry Halbfett
Designers Deni Anggara
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