Begum Devanagari 5 styles
Indian Type Foundry
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Begum Devanagari is a serif typeface brimming with contrast. Latinized by design, all of its vertical strokes feature serifs. Despite the tradition in Indian display typography of using Indic letters with seriffed strokes, no typeface before Begum Devanagari had been designed from scratch that included stylistically-matching seriffed letters for both Devanagari and Latin. This benefit for campaigns or publications operating in multiple languages simultaneously gives the typeface a leg-up in terms of effectiveness. True to form, Begum Devanagari was developed for Editorial Designers, who now work in a throughly multi-media environment. Begum Devanagari offers possibilities for all kinds of shorter-length texts, whether in-print or on-screen.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Manushi Parikh
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