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Berlingske Serif is carefully crafted to give a smooth and exclusive look that optimizes the visual experience: providing clear and sharp readability while being aesthetically pleasing. With its exquisite and consistent design, it features the essence of the Berlingske type. This modern rendition of a classic calligraphy-built serif results in a flexible type that can be used for a wide range of purposes and expressions. Berlingske Serif was originally designed for headlines but also functions perfect for longer texts, such as body text for newspapers, books and magazines that require exceptional legibility. It contains multiple figures, proportional lining or proportional old style, as well as small caps and small caps numbers to widen its range of use. The typeface Berlingske, originally designed by Playtype in 2010 for the Danish daily Berlingske – Denmark’s oldest newspaper, dates back 265 years. The design is carefully balanced to deliver significant modernization while paying homage to a unique heritage. After four years of further development with extended styles, language and weights, Berlingske today represents a wide ranged family that delivers freedom to play around and give any section or subject area a specific tonality without sacrificing consistency. The resulting font family, Berlingske, comes in more 229 weights and contains almost half a million different glyphs. Berlingske is eminently readable and strikingly easy to navigate in while rich in identity and immediately recognizable. It is a distinct newspaper typography, where the difference in height between capitals and minuscule has to be significant in order for the text to be immediately decodable. The typeface embraces a wide range of section and subject area from news, fashion, art, politics, economic, society, culture, sport, lifestyle, spanning from newscasting, captures, headlines to lifestyle reporting.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
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