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Bilo Thai, designed by Promphan ‘Boom’ Suksumek, is the Thai script companion to Pieter van Rosmalen’s Bilo family. The modern loopless design shares many of the unique details and flavour you’ve come to love in Bilo, for instance the slightly pointy-eared terminals and wide, round shapes – remnants of van Rosmalen’s initial experiment to draw a low-contrast sans-serif version of Bodoni. The moderate x-height of Latin Bilo made it easy to match the proportions of the Thai and its need for room for vowels and tone marks above and below the middle (consonant) height. Bilo Thai aims to capture the same playful yet versatile tone as Bilo’s Latin counterpart. The typeface incorporates circular details that complement the native characteristics of Thai letters, such as Dochada, Thothan and Lochula. It also simplifies letterforms to enhance the cursive elements in characters like Oang, as well as Honokhuk and Cho chan. Additionally, the vowel Sara-a features a colon-like form in its alternative glyph, reflecting a style prevalent in many Thai hand lettering displays during the late 1950s to 1960s. These features also allow Bilo Thai to handle diverse applications, from large to small sizes, without losing its distinctive characteristics. The family is available in nine finely graded weights for uses in all kinds of sizes and display applications. Alternative forms for Dodek/Totao and Ngongu let you choose between a more rounded or angular appearance. And of course, Bilo the dog came along, too! Also each Thai style includes 18 different dog-related icons designed by Dirk Uhlenbrock.
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Designers Pieter van Rosmalen , Promphan Suksumek
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