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Bilo is a grotesque in the literal sense of the term, some may say. Pieter van Rosmalen challenges many of the common design practices that aim for smooth curves and harmoniously progressing rounds. The ‘o’ or ‘e’ in the bolder styles, for instance, are not circular but rather oblong, egg-shaped ovals. In lighter styles, the sharp curves are also visible at the top and bottom of round characters giving Bilo an unusual and charming feel. Some of Bilo’s signature characters, like ‘G’, ‘R’ or ‘a’, make it easy to recognize and unique. You can customize the design and dress things up or down by using one or several of the included alternate glyphs via OpenType features. Arrows, several sets of numerals and fractions round out the comprehensive character set, but the secret star of the family is Bilo the dog. The typeface is named after the pet of van Rosmalen’s sister – Bilo (pronounced bee-low)– and each style includes 18 different dog-related icons designed by Dirk Uhlenbrock.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Pieter van Rosmalen , Anna Khorash
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