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Bissaboa is a maverick unicase display face that frames your words in fluid typesetting. Always ready to wrap up your message in ribbon-like letterforms, it puts a spell on your communication and brings a touch of magic to the waves of your imagination. Did you always think of yourself as a non-believer? Are folk tales for children? With the power of its flowing letterforms, Alessandro Bombieri’s Bissaboa will rid you of your scepticism! The energy of its twisting and turning design is reflected by its Venetian name. Evoking an animal that’s half snake (bissa), half ox (boa) and brings ‘whirlwind, storm, chaos, disorder’, Bissaboa originates in the Middle Ages. After the wild Bissaboa vanished in the 19th century, the word’s meaning shifted: ’zigzag, winding line, serpentine’.
Foundry CAST
Designers Alessandro Bombieri
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Participating Type Foundries