Bourgeois Rounded 24 styles
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Bourgeois Rounded is built upon the framework of Bourgeois, our popular geometric type family. As with the sans-serif Bourgeois Rounded letterforms are contemporary in look and feel. Echoing late 20th century modernism in style, Rounded’s overall look is clean and sleek, more ephemeral and dynamic than Bourgeois’s pared-down asceticism. The Rounded’s place in the history of font is a complex one. Being lauded for their legible characteristics and also at the same time their fashionable qualities, looking ultramodern and nostalgic, readable and highly stylised, authoritative and playful. Bourgeois Rounded and Rounded Condensed when combined, offer 24 styles suited for text of all kinds and sizes. Both are particularly good for short pieces of text requiring a sense of urgency or playfulness.
Foundry Barnbrook Fonts
Designers Jonathan Barnbrook , Julián Moncada
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