Brando Sans 16 styles
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Brando Sans is the distinct companion to Brando. Like its mate, Brando Sans has contemporary humanist qualities, but which have been simplified with a practicality suited for editorial design, branding, digital experiences, and signage systems. Although simple at first sight, Brando Sans retains the character and charm of its serif counterpart while introducing some unique traits of its own, like the curved ‘l’ or a more symmetrical approach to glyphs like the ‘M’ and ‘W’. The family is available in eight weights — analogous to Brando from Hairline to Black — making it equipped for large display settings as well as the demands of small body copy or signs. It is geared to complex design work that needs typographic distinction and flexibility. Brando Sans covers over ninety languages. The comprehensive character set includes small caps, a variety of figure styles, fractions and mathematical symbols. The italics are true italics, adding to the humanist, approachable feel and making Brando Sans a well-rounded typeface with plenty of attitude, but designed to ultimately be useful and functional.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Mike Abbink , Aleksandra Samuļenkova
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