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Brando is a contemporary serif with humanist proportions, exploring the balance between mechanical and egyptian forms. It was originally inspired by a bank logotype proposal, then subsequently developed into the robust typeface it is today. The careful interaction of rigid and fluid strokes give Brando its modern appeal and sturdiness. The light styles of Brando assume the shape of an elegant slab-serif with open letterforms, while the heavier weights feature just the right amount of contrast to give it an even and comfortable texture in text. The distinctive Italics strike a harmonious balance between true Italics and Oblique with letterforms that are supple and vigorous alike. The Brando family comes in eight weights — Hairline to Black — making it ideal for display settings as well as the rigorous demands of text. It is perfect for editorial and identity design work that need typographic distinction and flexibility. The comprehensive character set, including small caps, a variety of figure styles, fractions and mathematical symbols covers over forty languages and make Brando fit for complex typographic systems of all kinds.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Mike Abbink , Aleksandra Samuļenkova
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