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Buendia is an exploration into what a type family can be beyond the traditional suite of progressive weights and widths. César Puertas structured his unique series into six styles with distinct but matching flavors: grotesque, rounded, slab-serif and transitional — all based on the same skeleton but with different finishing. The weights range from a thin and medium sans, via the elegant roman and italic serifs, a cosy bold slab, to the extra beefy rounded sans. “In Buendia, each member of the family is a different person, not just the same one who gained or lost weight.” The series tries to provide as many different design variants as possible within a single concept to give designers a compact but flexible set of options. Nevertheless, all styles have certain features in common, for instance the closed apertures, swashy tails and curls, and the slightly curved diagonals. These contribute to a warmth and playfulness that makes Buendia especially suited for packaging design, advertising, books and editorial design. All styles of Buendia come with extended Latin character-set, as well as OpenType features such as small caps, ligatures, and different sets of numerals.
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Designers César Puertas
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