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Coppers and Brasses
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Canal is a typeface family inspired by the blue collar, hard working people that were the late 19th and early 20th centuries labor force of the new continent. Just like this society that had everything to prove, everything to build, Canal is a no frills utilitarian type family. This workhorse can tackle any demanding task, however, it retains a human look and feel familiar to this era where, even though industrialization was well under way, everything you came in contact with felt just a little more unique, a little warmer. The purpose of this family however was not to replicate a particular style from the era. It is more about capturing a specific mood. Its wide stance and opened counters give it a specific attitude. Its range of weights allows it to work perfectly well for text as well as for some display applications. Along with its italics and its very complete character set, it is ready to tackle the work that needs to be done. Canal has its punchcard ready. It just needs some work to do.
Foundry Coppers and Brasses
Designers Étienne Aubert Bonn , Alexandre Saumier Demers
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