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Capibara is a geometric typeface family solely constructed of horizontal and vertical strokes. No curves. The design echoes the typographic experiments of the early 20th century by Constructivist artists such as Theo van Doesburg and H.Th. Wijdeveld. Yet Capibara manages to escape the cold harshness that characterises many modular designs: all corners are slightly rounded and the letterforms doesn’t adhere to a strict grid. Capibara is named after Pieter’s favorite animal, the largest living rodent on this planet. The family is available in proportional and monospaced variants, each in five weights. Capibara’s extensive character-set includes OpenType features such as small caps, several sets of numbers (fractures, lining and hanging figures) and covers all Latin-based European languages.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Pieter van Rosmalen
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