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Cera Brush is the handmade display companion the pan-European Cera Collection drive by pure geometry of the bestselling Cera, its stenciled counterpart Cera Stencil and soft Cera Round. Focussing on the extreme light and bold weights, Cera Brush was drawn by hand with various alternate glyphs. To keep the lively feeling of custom lettering, the OpenType ligature feature has been coded to ensure these variations are used automatically and thoughtfully. Although a display typeface, both weights of Cera Brush include features like tabular figures and fractions, a wide Latin language support and useful symbols. Including contextual alternates, Cera Brush contains more than 1,300 glyphs per weight. High-resolution detailing ensures that Cera Brush works well at huge point sizes, making the typeface almost destined for headlines about authentic cooking, organic food and drink — or for any other topic that requires a hand-crafted design.
Foundry TypeMates
Designers Jakob Runge , Max Kostopoulos
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