Cera Pro 12 styles
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Cera Pro is distilled from elementary shapes and brings simplicity, elegance and a certain warmth wherever a contemporary geometric typeface is needed. It is complemented by two space-saving counterparts for narrow reading environments and compressed spaces. Key to Cera is usability. Whether responding to print, screen, technical commitments or aesthetic demands, Cera Pro remains super usable and ready to match your design vision. With a carefully controlled character for utility and clarity, this geometric sans subtly combines a friendly attitude and classic details. Modernism and the luxury of Art Deco are joined with the solid performance of text typefaces. Developed for the demands of narrow reading environments of mobile devices, user interfaces and text columns, narrow but not obviously condensed, Cera Compact is made for efficiency in body text. With regularly proportioned spacing, it has the flexibility for text and headlines, taking up less space without making text less readable. Further, super tight Cera Condensed is for when you need a geometric sans that can work in a narrow space, large or small; compact information leaflet or compressed headline. Each sub-family provides six weights, thin to black, to give it a full range of expression for interfaces and corporate design; in print, on screen and in multiple languages. Matching italics, carefully sloped a lively 10º, are invigorated with a dash of rotalic flavour: keeping the ‘o’ ‘a’ perfect circle and giving Cera’s italics striking effect when used for display typography. A steadfast companion for text, Cera has a large x-height and compact capitals. For best on-screen performance, web and desktop fonts have been improved with manual TrueType hinting. Perfect online and in interfaces! The extended, pan-European Cera supports around 270 languages in the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts and was developed with native consultants. With over 980 glyphs per style, Cera cares about localised letterforms and has the OpenType features to match. Naturally, it also has all the dingbats and arrows you might need. The pan-European Cera Collection is driven by pure geometry including bestselling Cera Pro and its space-saving counterparts, the stencilled enhancement Cera Stencil, a truly hand-crafted display Cera Brush and soft, machine milling inspired Cera Round.
Foundry TypeMates
Designers Jakob Runge
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