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As powerful as any other member of the collection, Cera Round combines warmth with elegance and its support for Cyrillic and Greek makes it a reliable and engaging companion for international communication. Drawing on a tradition of machine-milled lettering and combining it with the technical geometry of Cera, Cera Round features circular stroke endings and softly rounded corners to create cheerful feeling text. Amongst its smooth, yet precise letterforms, the circular o takes on a new, striking quality. While the regular has been carefully proofed for long editorial texts, Cera Round’s six weights, thin to black, plus six italics, allow for a whole range of expression in display typography. Where the light weights have all the cleanliness and precision of technical drawings, its heavy weights are playful and soft: perfect for strong headlines and packaging projects. With this broad spectrum of expression, from technical to friendly — and always sincere — Cera Round is an excellent choice for branding and editorial design. Its large x-height also means that it is recommended for interface design. And while Cera Round may be a counterpart to Cera, it’s not just Cera with rounded corners. We’ve carefully reworked and adjusted many of the glyphs to adapt them to Cera’s new attitude. When rounded edges and smooth shapes created new optical problems, we found new solutions: making Cera Rounded an individual member of the Cera Collection. In 2021 we expanded the family to also cover the italic styles and made Cera Round even more versatile for uses. The extended, pan-European Cera Round supports around 150 languages in the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts, which were developed with native consultants. With over 900 glyphs per style, Cera Round cares about localised letterforms and has the OpenType features to match. The pan-European Cera Collection is driven by pure geometry including bestselling Cera Pro and its space-saving counterparts, the stencilled enhancement Cera Stencil, a truly hand-crafted display Cera Brush and soft, machine milling inspired Cera Round.
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Designers Jakob Runge , Lisa Fischbach
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