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Chassi is an editorial type family designed for fluency in extended texts. Stylistically it focuses on the elegant roman types of Claude Garamond, but without aiming for fidelity. It also takes into account types influenced by Garamond, like those of Robert Granjon and Jean Jannon. Collectively, and through modern interpretations and misattributions, the work of these punch cutters formed one of the most enduring and popular styles in the history of typography, one that in our time is still a frequent option for book type setting. With this wider scope, Chassi is a revival of Garamond as a genre, slightly reinterpreted for our times. Through its three series of optical variants, designed for different ranges of point sizes, Chassi is good for giving headlines and bodies of extended text an assured and confident presence. The core of the family is Chassi S, an ergonomic and unobtrusive book face with a glyph repertoire that includes the traditional small capitals, old style figures and ligatures. Chassi M and L explore more the elegance and sophistication facets of Garamond with progressively higher contrast, tighter spacing and sharper details.
Foundry R-Typography
Designers Rui Abreu
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