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CoFo Gothic is a daring and confident typeface that goes against the lifelessness of neutrality. With a strong presence, it draws the spotlight, just like its predecessors—the early grotesques from the 19th and early 20th centuries used to attract attention in advertising. CoFo Gothic encapsulates the best features of the genre—crispness, narrow proportions, tight spacing, increased contrast, and large lowercase letters. These characteristics are integrated into modern forms, making them more relevant to the needs of contemporary typography without losing the heartwarming irregularities that make Gothics the opposite of dry neo-grotesques and geometric sans-serifs. CoFo Gothic is confidently emotional, with asymmetrical details that bring an unusual friendliness. It provides the stability of a classic sans and, at the same time, gives a bold and memorable shape to your words. This makes the typeface extremely adaptable to different uses, from branding and advertising to editorial and packaging.
Foundry Contrast Foundry
Designers Maria Doreuli
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