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CoFo Kabeltouw is a modular typeface that is not afraid of serious challenges. Its industrial look is based on modern maritime transportation: containers, cargo cranes, curved metal pipes, signal colors, stencil typography, and pictograms. With a limited number of modules, this typeface combines strict mechanical logic with the warmth of manually painted letters. The name of the typeface, Kabeltouw, comes from a nautical measure of length equal to 1/10 of a nautical mile and a braided cable of this length. CoFo Kabeltouw has a recognizable character in all-caps settings, as well as a generous choice of alternates (so you won’t even feel the absence of lowercase letters). The variable version of the font gives you the power to adjust its “stencilness” to match it to the scale and features of your design. CoFo Kabeltouw brings the material feel of tactile typography into the digital realm, as a dashing frontman in branding and advertising as well as high-quality building blocks for complex typographic systems.
Foundry Contrast Foundry
Designers Egor Golovyrin
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