CoFo Kak 3 styles
Contrast Foundry
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CoFo Kak is a powerful sans with an unconventional family structure. Just 3 styles? Yes, you got it right. While the design world is obsessing over superfamilies with hundreds of styles and variable fonts with seemingly ‘limitless’ possibilities, we dare to create a family so small! Because by limiting the amount of styles, we can allow ourselves to design a functional sans with organic personality and no compromises. As a cactus that grows slowly and changes shape, CoFo Kak may evolve in the future too. But right now, it is perfectly formed and ready to use, complete with Latin and Cyrillic. The style variation may look extreme at a first glance, going from a condensed Regular to a wide Black. But there is nothing random about this selection: it creates an opportunity for the designers to use and combine them in exciting ways. CoFo Kak has a large x-height, compact ascenders, descenders and caps. Together with the tight spacing, that gives you a rhythmic and impactful texture that fills the space. This makes it ideal for branding and editorial use, and for those looking for a powerful visual ally to convey their message. The cactus is a symbol of strength and endurance, it stands up to the test of time and it thrives in the harshest environments. These are great qualities for a typeface too, which is why we chose the cactus as a symbol. We hope you will love CoFo Kak as much as millennials love succulents!
Foundry Contrast Foundry
Designers Maria Doreuli , Nikita Sapozhkov
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