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CoFo Sans is a clean sans serif with a soul. This is not just another neutral sans. Simplicity in type design is the most difficult task, and yet there are so many sans serifs that are promoted as completely neutral and perfectly universal. CoFo Sans is based on the idea of harmony between rationality and emotion, and between Latin and Cyrillic. It is our perception of a perfect balance between simplicity and personality. It’s not purely geometric, or even based on a specific model. It’s a subtle mix of ideas, creating a solid base for a workhorse sans, without stripping away the character. It’s simple and pure, and at the same time, you cannot escape the designer’s personal view. The strong squareness of the shapes and a trace of industrial functionality are mixed in the designer’s intuition, to make CoFo Sans unique. Simplicity doesn’t need dozens of weights, widths and styles, so CoFo Sans comes in 4 individual and carefully drawn weights: Regular, Medium, Bold and Black. It is a typeface perfect for designers and brands that are looking for clarity and adaptability, without sacrificing the identity.
Foundry Contrast Foundry
Designers Maria Doreuli
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