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CoFo Sona is a geometric sans with unexpected twists. It is a contemporary typeface that merges two contradictory concepts into one—neutrality and vitality. On one hand, CoFo Sona belongs to the category of the rational modern geometric sans, which has been dominating the digital world for quite a while, with its overall orderly, clean, and impartial appearance. On the other hand, CoFo Sona has a strong humanist influence, particularly present in its proportions and details. This gives an unusual energetic and dynamic feel to the typeface. Another key feature is the subtle play with contrasts: slightly reversed, yet creating a strong impression. Stability and liveliness go hand in hand to balance each other out and create a powerfully expressive type family, which come in four weights in Latin and Cyrillic. CoFo Sona transcends the geometric genre through a refreshingly human touch and a tantalizingly semi-neutral demeanor.
Foundry Contrast Foundry
Designers Liza Rasskazova
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