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Comspot is a rounded, typewriter-flavoured font family with a human touch. Originally designed as a custom typeface for a Hamburg-based hardware and software reseller who needed attractive numerals to sell products and a bulletproof license for franchising, Comspot’s nine weights and eighteen styles — razor-thin hairline to ultra black — fulfil every need, from extended to display text. Comspot’s typewriter flavour is strongest in letters like ‘f’ and ‘t’, with their wide middle strokes, and the tighter design of ‘w’, ‘M’ and ‘W’, with their repositioned centre joints. Glyphs that would normally cause trouble in monospaced fonts have been carefully balanced for text, and have easily-accessed alternates to emphasise the font’s typewriter vibe and bring more character to display settings. Where the roman mixes in monospaced forms, the italic finds a balance between real italic and sloped roman shapes. The subtle rounding of Comspot’s corners increases from Hairline to Ultra, producing fine and elegant light styles and humane heavy weights. Comspot had a broad language support and thus supports some 200 languages. Along with using Stylistic Set 01 to unleash glyphs with an extra technical typewriter flavour, Comspot offers a lot of typographic features: tabular figures, fractions, superscript or even contextual alternates. Also set of individual DIY-Icons like a great big wood axe or a warning triangle can introduce a fun factor to your projects. As not all software fully supports OpenType features, we offer two versions of Comspot. Both share all the same designs, but Comspot Tec swaps Comspot’s monospace-y stylistic set with some of its default characters. If you’re worried about default encoding, it can matter which version of Comspot you purchase, but for everyone else the two character sets can easily be swapped back.
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