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A spurless lowercase in multiple weights and widths, Conto is a minimalist and clear typeface for smooth corporate typography. The Conto superfamily is a powerful tool for complex typography: from essential text to captions, tables and advertising. The wide range of expression in its 64 styles fulfil the demands of modern publishing and additional flexibility can be unlocked through its Variable Font version. The superfamily features four widths and subfamilies: for regular text Conto, the economic Conto Narrow, the even more efficient Conto Condensed and super slim Conto Compressed. Conto’s minimalist and simplified lowercase forms, combined with contrast that ranges from the mono-linear light to the contrasted bolds, signify the typeface as an independent and striking design. Where minimalism in Bauhaus could result in coarse geometry, the spurless lowercase in Conto combines the neutral shapes of constructed type with a humanistic touch. Open counters and a generous x-height ensure its simplified, friendly feel is matched by smooth performance whether on screen in banking apps, or in the headlines of printed fliers. Furthermore, with its remarkable number of discretionary ligatures, Conto is not only useful for typesetting text and headlines, but also for logotypes and lettering. From elegant Thin to strong Black, Conto contains more than 878 glyphs and broad Latin language and advanced typographical support. Small-caps and all the figures and fractions you need for serious typography are matched in each weight with case and small-cap sensitive punctuation. Conto is published in memory of Peter Bruhn. During Nils’ studies at The Hague, Peter gave feedback and corrections and decided to release Conto via his Fountain Foundry before he passed too soon. Thank you for your help, Peter!
Foundry TypeMates
Designers Nils Thomsen
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