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Conto Slab is a distinct and distinctive slab serif typeface in eight weights. Another member of the Conto superfamily, Conto Slab was designed for idiosyncratic corporate identity, editorial design and advertising. Conto Slab combines Conto’s minimalist and simplified forms and humanistic contrast with, you guessed it, Slab serifs. The result is an unexpected and confident combination of genres with solidity, sportiness and independence. Along with its constructed approach to lowercase letterforms, Conto Slab’s design features include a carefully structured increase in contrast. Almost non-existent in the Thin, weight and tension increase up to the Black. While the Regular, Medium and Bold weights were designed for text and data-intensive content, the sporty Thin and the powerful Black weights work well in display typography. Enjoy the italics! Instead of slanted obliques, Conto has a refreshing combination of slanted and true italics. Conto Slab’s interest in branding is reflected in its OpenType features. Accessible through discretionary Ligatures, some 100 extravagant ligatures offer answers to your next logotype and lettering challenge. From elegant Thin to strong Black, Conto Slab contains more than 878 glyphs and broad Latin language and advanced typographical support. Small-caps and all the figures and fractions you need for serious typography are matched in each weight with case and small-cap sensitive punctuation.
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Designers Nils Thomsen
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