Countach 6 styles
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Developed for The Crew, a critically acclaimed auto racing video game, Countach evokes the muscular and mechanical dynamics of fast cars and urban adventure. The typeface is used throughout the game, from the user interface to the visual identity, delivering a wide variety information at sizes large and small, while staying true to car culture. And what do automotive enthusiasts expect? Strong lines, sharp angles, an italic that conveys speed, and numbers that work equally well on a legible dashboard as they would for the eye-grabbing decals on the hood of a race car. Countach is as much beauty as it is brawn, however. The six-style family has a refinement that extends its use far beyond its original purpose, and well-considered details prove that Countach is more evolved than type built on a rigid and modular grid. Note the tapering where bowls meet stems, the cropped ends of diagonal strokes that allow a tighter fit, and the unexpected shapes for ‘g’ and ‘y’. The glyph set is expansive, too, with an Extended Latin and Cyrillic character set, handy index numbers with white and black backgrounds, and alternate glyphs in Latin and Cyrillic.
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Designers Superscript² Studio
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