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Crisol is a stencil display typeface inspired by the same design principles as Futura Black (Paul Renner, 1929) and Braggadocio (W.A. Woolley, 1930), both based on Art Deco lettering. Though inspired by the same principles, Crisol has five different width ranges. The width variation and greater consistency in letter shapes give Crisol a contemporary feel that distinguishes it from its predecessors and transforms it into a powerful typographic tool.

Crisol features triangular terminals, differentiating it from the rounded terminals characteristic of Futura Black and Braggadocio. Another feature of Crisol is the light-weight diacritics. This facilitates capital text settings in lines with tight leading.

Foundry Feliciano Type Foundry
Designers Mário Feliciano
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