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Darby Sans is a contemporary humanist sans serif that is at its heart a workhorse, working effortlessly in all situations, from small text sizes to large bold display use. Its open forms and no nonsense slanted italic make it well suited to many uses. Rather than following the typical British sans serif model of Gill and Johnston, Darby Sans looks back instead to the eighteenth century. At its heart in the roman it follows the transitional forms found in the typefaces of Baskerville, Fry & Wilson, but also in the vernacular lettering style found in everyday life. These are the letters of the Age of Enlightenment; the name itself comes from the Darby family, famed pioneers of the industrial revolution. Stripping these forms of serifs and contrast renders an open and intelligent sans serif typeface suited for both print and for screen use.
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Designers Paul Barnes , Dan Milne
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