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Deva Ideal was inspired by women’s beauty. It didn’t come only from the desire to create a new typeface. It also seeks to materialize beauty in a visual form. Instead of imitating the shapes of the female body or other formal attributes, Deva Ideal is an abstract expression of the women’s beauty. The unique character of the typeface is achieved by the use of soft, almost invisibly bent strokes, since one of the priorities of the typeface is not to disturb the eye of the reader with odd design details. Deva Ideal excels in her cold beauty and shows her sex appeal. The soft curves present in Deva Ideal differ from the masculine and technical shapes used in most contemporary typefaces. Deva Ideal has ideal proportions (90 / 60 / 90) and its shapes are essential and simple. Because of this, it is ideal for setting text in all kinds of printed matter: catalogues, books and magazines. The letter forms are wide and open, so text can be set in small sizes and thus space can be saved, while keeping the same degree of readability. The author wishes to acknowledge František Štorm for his unvaluable opinions. Also to Palo Bálik and Peter Biľak for their contributions. I am specially grateful to all the devas (archaic expression for beautiful young girl), who inspired him to design this typeface.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
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