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Dico is a varied suite of typefaces by Pieter van Rosmalen encompassing eight proportional and monospaced sub-families. It circles around a sans-serif van Rosmalen started in 2004 for design studio Teldesign, now comprehensively updated and expanded upon. The basic structure and feel of Dico (Latin for “I speak, I talk, I give a speech”) is shaped by compact proportions and open, yet restrained letterforms that gain in friendliness and warmth when accompanied by their more swinging italics. Monospaced script styles – loosely based on Corinthian Script for the IBM Selectric – can bring things into an even more delightful direction. The weight range may seem small compared to other large type families but Dico more than makes up for that with other matching variations on the theme. Next to the Sans you can choose from a Slab-serif, the rounded Dico Soft, monospaced Sans and Slab, two Code variants, and Dico Typewriter containing “rough” versions of Dico Mono Sans, Mono Slab and Mono Script. 45 fonts in total. OpenType features for alternative letterforms let you customize your design even more. Sans and Slab are available with square as well as round dots; Mono and Mono Slab include alternates for “f”, “i”, “l” and “r” (split into Code One and Two with swapped defaults and different fractions). The character sets encompass Latin Extended including Vietnamese and symbols for Powerline in the Code styles. Dico Sans, Dico Slab and Dico Mono Slab were expanded/designed in close collaboration with Jacques Le Bailly; Dico Mono Script in collaboration with Diana Ovezea.
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