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Diodrum is a spurless sans family for the Latin script. “Spurless” typefaces features smooth transitions from letters’ stems into their curved strokes. The design is generally mono-linear. Diodrum’s x-height has tall, and its counter-forms are large and open. Instead of being drawn with straight lines, Diodrum’s diagonals swell outward. This gives letters with prominent diagonals an increased dynamism. The Diodrum typeface appears friendly & legible and is available in six weights; the lightest is an ExtraLight font – a unique addition to our library. Due of its multiple weights, versatile range and formal style, Diodrum is an excellent choice for usage in Corporate Design and UI/UX Design applications. The Diodrum family was designed by Jérémie Hornus, Clara Jullien, and Alisa Nowak – an international trio of designers based in Paris, France.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Jérémie Hornus , Clara Jullien , Alisa Nowak
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