Diodrum Cyrillic 6 styles
Indian Type Foundry
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Following up on our successful Diodrum Latin and Diodrum Arabic families, Diodrum was further extended to support Cyrillic and Greek. The Diodrum Cyrillic family includes six styles that range in weight from Extralight to Bold. Each font’s character set has 604 glyphs, combining the full Diodrum Latin character set with 200+ Cyrillic glyphs. Diodrum Cyrillic is a generally monolinear design. Its x-height is tall, and its counterforms are large and open. Instead of straight lines, the typeface’s diagonals swell outward, which gives letters with prominent diagonals an increased dynamism. Thanks to its multiple weights and friendly look, Diodrum Cyrillic is an excellent choice for use in Corporate Design and UI/UX Design applications.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Jérémie Hornus , Alisa Nowak
More Info indiantypefoundry.com

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