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With its crisp texture, Dockland livens up the genre of blocky, traditional bracketed slab serifs. Blending mechanical construction with geometric clarity and a swift stroke, it vividly combines history and present. Dockland is a low contrast slab serif typeface crafted in a transitional style. Characterised by prominent vertical serifs and angular counterforms, Dockland deliberately adds some calligraphic flavour to the often mechanical genre of slab serifs. Inspired by blackletter elements and lithographic prints from the 1890s, Dockland is a solid text face with modern proportions, clearly defined shapes and angular physique. Whilst the heavy weights are physically strong, the lighter weights are precise and airy. The result is a smart slab serif with 7 weights across uprights and italics. Combining hard graft with confidence in business and digital expertise, Dockland can brand food trucks and craft beverages; maritime sports teams and tech start ups; and confident companies and institutions. A strong workhorse for text, it can be just the right voice for abstract businesses or publications within a cultural and academic context. Referencing the London Docklands and their development, the typeface touches heritage, labour, industrialisation, and adds a modern polish without losing charm. Dockland is shipped with a weight range from a delicate Extra Light to a strong ExtraBold. The glyph set covers a broad Latin language support, fractions, old style and decimal figures, as well as arrows.
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Designers Tom Holloway
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