DS 737 Cond 18 styles
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A utilitarian multifaceted workhorse sans serif that still oozes character, personalty and history. DS737 is based on the official Danish signage typeface originally released in 1954. Back then there was only one cut and a very limited character set. We wanted DS737 to be a functional typeface equally at home in digital and physical environments. A highly legible typeface that performs both in small text scenarios but with enough uniqueness to add flavour and character when put to use in a large size display setting. DS737 is available in 27 individual styles across three widths, including corresponding italics.That’s 54 styles total resulting in a highly adaptable and versatile system of fonts. DS737 supports all the open type features we’ve come to expect of contemporary typefaces, including a range of stylistic sets that let the user explore and tune the overall look and feeling of DS737, which ultimately adds to its wide range of use.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
More Info playtype.com