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Ebano is an extended spiky sanserif inspired by woodcuts and linocuts. Featuring funky uneven lines, a fairly big x-height and confident strokes, it’s almost fine for long texts but fully displays its personality in titles. Designed by Stefano Barel and first conceived during the Type Design Fundamentals course at the CFP Bauer in Milan, Ebano picks up the heritage of letters directly carved on wood and combines it with sanserif forms and an overall more contemporary style. In its structure it is not far away from a standard grotesque sans with a two-storey ‘a’ and ‘g’. Ebano’s letterforms show extended widths and generous proportions. This feature can be traced back to seminal sanserifs such as Adrian Frutiger’s Univers, famous for its abundant weights and widths, and several ‘extended’ fonts – originally a purely functional feature that has recently gained popularity throughout various media.
Foundry CAST
Designers Stefano Barel
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