Epika Serif Extended 16 styles
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Epika Serif brings a certain playfulness in details to the genre of serif fonts, especially for individual styles and widths, their variations, decorative elements and swashes. However, the font is balanced. It offers delightful entertainment while maintaining seriousness and ease. Epika is a decorative serif typeface intended as a rich and universal system, appropriate for headlines, longer text and smaller sizes. In addition to many alternative characters, ligatures and swashes, Epika has unique stylistic sets. We have round ends of lower strokes (Baseline Swashes), round ends of upper strokes (Ascender Swashes), possible combinations of both sets and decorative end strokes of letters (Medial Swashes & Final Swashes). Every width (Extra Condensed — Extended) is now available in sixteen styles: Regular, Thin, Light, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Black and Heavy and their respective Italic versions.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Rostislav Vaněk
More Info superiortype.com

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