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The inspiration for Export arrived on the label of a humble shipping box. Originally crafted by unknown hands, these letterforms traveled from China to New York City. Now they arrive in digital form, maintaining the brawn and bite of a hand-carved flexo plate bluntly printed into cardboard.

A clever system of unconventional structures defies typographic doctrine, pushing through “bad” smack into “good.” Inflated shapes bulge into pinched counterforms, while rough edges give a worn finish to its blocky heft. Eccentric shapes command attention when isolated, but an industrial rhythm takes hold in chunks of text.

Export Stencil turns the playful system of the original on its side, with a network of breaks that are both pragmatic and illogical. Although a collection of shipping caution symbols are enclosed, this is one durable package.

Designed by Jesse Ragan. Desmond Wong provided production assistance.
Foundry XYZ Type
Designers Jesse Ragan
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