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Favorit is a straightforward low-contrast grotesque that combines a rigid drawing with subtle oddities and a humorous touch. The family consists of Favorit Standard, Favorit Mono, Favorit Extended, Favorit Expanded and Favorit Lining. Favorit Mono is the monospaced version of Favorit Standard. Often used by both Developers and Graphic Designers with a sweat spot for a technical flair. Favorit Extended and Favorit Expanded feature wider characters and mostly appear in applications at large scale like in headlines, on posters or on billboards. Favorit Lining contextually merges characters with an integrated underline. By default it’s ideal for simple text highlighting. With the “Rock‘n‘Roll” Open Type feature enabled all initial and final characters merge with the underline. Early uses of Favorit include the catalogue of the Brno Biennial of Graphic Design (2014), German Pavillon at Venice Biennale (2015), the visual identity of Warp Records (2015), SSENSE (2016), Future Architecture Platform (2017) and Tumblr (2018).
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Johannes Breyer , Fabian Harb
More Info abcdinamo.com

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