Flama Condensed 8 styles
Feliciano Type Foundry
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Released in 2004 with immediate popularity, Flama Condensed stands half way between the Flama Semi-Condensed and the Flama Ultra-condensed versions, and so far, we are still waiting to complete the two additional weights, Thin and Ultralight. With it’s loose mechanical style Flama Condensed shows great versatility working in great diversity of design circumstances, from publication and corporate design to posters, lists, charts or info-graphics. The eight weights available range from light to black and have been used in many award winning publications worldwide, including the Politiken, The Sunday Times and Newsweek among others. As all other Flama versions it has an extended character set supporting most of Latin based languages. The new upgraded version also includes old styles figures for all styles.
Foundry Feliciano Type Foundry
Designers Mário Feliciano
More Info felicianotypefoundry.com