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Flama Ultra-Condensed released in 2014, is part of the Flama Type Family, a geometric sans serif which draws inspiration from both European and American sans serif traditions.

Flama Ultra-Condensed is the narrowest of the Flama Type Family. The Ultra-Condensed styles of Flama reveal all their potential when used as a headline and display font and it has been previously used in several award-winning publications worldwide, including The Sunday Times and Newsweek among others.

Flama Ultra-Condensed is available in eight weights, ranging from Light to Black. The type-family has three additional widths: Regular, Condensed and Semi-condensed. All Flama fonts have different sets of figures such as tabular, proportional and old-style figures.

Foundry Feliciano Type
Designers Mário Feliciano
More Info felicianotypefoundry.com