Forma DJR Variable 1 style
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Forma DJR revives Forma, the stylish sans serif released in 1968 by the renowned type foundry Nebiolo and created by a team of Italian designers led by the inimitable Aldo Novarese. Publications designer Roger Black has admired the design for years, and commissioned DJR to revive it for his 2O13 redesign of Hong Kong Tatler. Based on metal type found by Indra Kupferschmid, this interpretation captures the rounded corners, tapered stems, and subtle quirks that were byproducts of the printing process. With super-tight spacing in five optical sizes, Forma DJR brings new life to a bygone era, embodying the peculiar collision of midcentury modernist precision and the smudgy realities of metal, ink, and paper.
Foundry DJR
Designers David Jonathan Ross , Ruggero Magrì
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